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The prestigious Marc Ellis brand blends Italian craftsmanship with a style that looks to the future. The articles of the women's footwear and accessories line stand out for their comfort, elegance and use of precious materials: creations for women who do not renounce luxury.

The shoe MARC ELLIS is a product crafted footwear, the result of extensive design, creative choices in the name of pure aesthetics and a strong Italian flavor. The Made in Italy is a guarantee of quality and style, the Brand MARC ELLIS exports to the world with pride. At the craft tradition, but it adds the personality of the brand, identified with the flair outside the box, the search for innovative materials combined with unique and original forms.

This culture, of tradition and resourcefulness, generates a charismatic product, which looks to the future while fulfilling its reception function: the shoe MARC ELLIS, luxury in EVOLUTION.

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